Rachid Pardo Cinematographer x Director


Rachid Pardo

Dance Narrates Arts is created, directed and produced by cinemagrapher Rachid Pardo.
The cinemagrapher Rachid Pardo was born on a small island called Curacao. At a young age he moved to the Netherlands. His passion for film came at an early age. One of his hobby was collecting great movie classics. The film genre didn’t really matter that much to him, from drama to sience fiction to even horror movies. After his study for graphic and audio visual designer, he started to work on freelance basis.

The Dance Scene

His little brother and well known dancer from the Netherlands Angelo Pardo introduced him to the dance scene in The Netherlands and Belgium.
He started to make videos for tv programs like So you Think you Can Dance (SYTYCD) & The Ultimate Dance battle (TUDB) but also several well known dance choreographers like Isabelle Beernaert, Nicholas Shaker, Juvat Westendorp and more. After that he decided to start his own first dance project, called Dance Narrates Art (DNA)” .
DNA is a project that is realized completely without budget. In collaboration with the talented music composer Sjoerd Limberger and top notch dancers from The Netherlands and Belgium. And dont forget some great help by good friends.
DNA is created and edited completely on freestyle mode. There was no script or idea in advance.  Because there was no budget, finding a good locations was most of the time a challenge itself.

My words

I have created DNA purely out of love for my work and for the dance community..
Any episode is a challenge. Because there is no script or story, I try to create a logical story. But every episode is a puzzle that can make you go crazy from time to time. So every epiosde is special to me, because I just know how much work and pain we went through. I am very grateful for everyone who helped me,. Sjoerd Limberger for his amazing music, Joey Roberts artwork website & writer, Chris Dorn, Hanin Alfayle & Taisy Poulino marketing, Jurgen Corte & Guilermo Peroti behind the camera, Naima el Hammouti for clothing styles and Amir Roseburg the voice-over & writer.

“Everyone is creative, the real challenge is to translate our innermost thoughts to the world!”

Photo by Berksun Cicek