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Isabelle Beernaert. A one of a kind choreographer known for her ability to translate the everyday, ordinary life into an extraordinary choreography. Her choreographies express what everyone goes through and feels at some point in life. The audience is able to recognize itself with the stories being told on stage.

To Isabelle the theatre is the most magical place on earth. It enables the choreographer to combine choreography, light and stage design to create a story through dance.

While the cultural world in the Benelux is suffering because of the cut in government grants, Isabelle Beernaert is going upwards and onwards. Her audience grows bigger and bigger every year. In four years her audience has grown from 10.000 to 45.0000 visitors.

Isabelle Beernaert is a successful and well known Choreographer in The Netherlands & Belgium .
She produced the theater productions ;
‘NE ME QUITE PAS ‘ (2011) /
‘ET APRES’ (2012 )/
‘C’EST LA VIE ‘ (2013) /
‘RED YELLOW BLUE ‘ ( 2013-14)/

Choreographer since 2009 for the TV-program ‘SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE ‘ ( NL/BE ) & 2012 also in Ukraine .
Winner of the TV-program ‘ THE ULTIMATE DANCE BATTLE ‘ (NL/BE) in 2011 competition about choreographer’s.
Winner of the DANCEAWARD chosen by the audience of the Netherlands in 2012 & 2013 with her productions ‘Et Apres ‘ & ‘Red Yellow Blue ‘
Winner of the KBC-DANCEWARD for young choreographer’s in 2007
Performed and represented Belgium at the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 in DENMARK with the singer Axel Hirsoux .
Worked with a lot of brands, such as NIKE , for international presentations and commercials .

Her education at the ROYAL BALLETSCHOOL OF ANTWERP (Belgium ) gave her a strong classical and technical foundation .
She won in her youth ‘ The International dance award of Modern-jazz technique ‘ in France and worked with and for several international know choreographer’s ( ex.Alvin Ailey, Houston Ballet …) and events at that time in modern theater .

Upcoming tour all over the Netherlands and Belgium in 2014-2015, intitled ‘ GLASS ‘



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