#DNA episode 5: Daylight

Episode 5: Daylight

The whole city is a riot, people are looting and stealing cars
While the elite are boarding vessels that would take em up to mars
The rest of humanity is left out here in the dirt,
Allow me to express my final moments on this earth

We all know this world Aint perfect, but if you stuck around you saw some deep feelings did Surface
Tried my hand in a couple of ventures but was quick to discover that dancing is my Purpose
It kept me safe and showed me grace when I felt like like I was Falling
Realising that Im blessed to have found my Calling
I dance for I represent humanity
I dance for you and me
I dance cuz is still have and want to keep my sanity
Im feeling at one with everything that is made out of carbondioxide
An eternal stillness graps my spine as I’m looking forward to the breakin of daylight

It feel like the sun is comin toward us
I never lived dormid therefor
I’ll die enormous
A comet went through the orbit keyhole,
in the depth of the night
Daylight breaks out above us
We named her after the Egyptian godess of death & darkness: Apophis
Some think they’ll go to heaven and
some say they know That I’ll go to hell
Reprise with excellence in the face of ignorance I dance for them aswell
Excepting destiny as it comes,
No need for time to move slow
I’ve indulgded in this fully, seen everything I wanted to see, learned everything I wanted to know

In the highest most exalting way we are stardust, and
Soon the galaxy will surve as an urn
The circle becomes complete for
Among the stars We shall return.

“Amir Roseburg”


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