#DNA episode 4: Balance

Episode 4: Balance

Stand, just stand *still
Listen and feel the empty

The meaninglessness these busy streets has become
Hypnotizing us

Making us fall, crash, and again get up
…but are not learning

We go forward but are not moving on
We walk, we travel, but do not know where to
We build buildings, pull up empty walls
But. are. not. moving…on

We’ve become blind to the facts, falsely interact
Through preset emotional icons, digits, widgets and all that


We’ve lost contact.
We’ve lost. Contact!

Please, hear me.
Set me free.

Let me move you, let you move me

Please, hear me mother
My grounded feet are yours to speak
Guide my torso, with each breeze

I promise that the rest will follow
My dance will become your song

Your song is your psalm
Make me whole, fill me up
Just let me move, so you can move

I will lose control
But from now, never without you


Give me purpose
Create strength
For a broken branch can grow into a tree again

Be with me,
So I can become you
From this soil to as for as the dancing galaxies

I will translate love through dance
For your song is your psalm

“Joey Roberts”


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